Pacific Elinks aimed at providing total satisfaction to both its client companies and job seekers alike...
Our Vision

Maintain the commitment as reliable source of professionals and skilled workers, and provide prompt services to its clientele.


PACIFIC E-LINKS INTERNATIONAL RECRUITMENT CORPORATION engaged in international staffing services. lts acts as linkage between job seekers and employers specializing in recruitment and placement of professional and skilled workers in the fields of rig/drilling operations, construction, engineering, accounting and finance. information technoloqy, health care, architecture, telecommunications, and many others, The company has an office in Manila, operating under the law of the Republic of the Philippines to engage in recruitment and overseas placement of highly qualified and trained professionals and skilled workers. With the company's established integrated manpower sourcing network. Client companies are always assured of a continuous and steady supply of their manpower requirements.

The company is formed by a group of Professional Consultants engaged mainly in international Staffing services. At the onset of its operation, our activity is mainly focused on recruitment and placement of overseas contract workers and caters to the staffing needs of a wide range of industry sector. lt provides permanent, temp-for-hire and temporary requirement of the client companies.To keep its step with the changing times and conditions, it will undertake linkage all over the world by continuous advertisement through the inter-net, newspaper, professional organization and others.


PACIFIC E-LINKS INTERNATIONAL RECRUITMENT CORPORATION is aimed at providing total satisfaction to both its client companies and job seekers alike. “To find the talent that fits” is the core of the company’s existence. lt serves as the fundamental guiding principle in maintaining its commitment to client companies and building partnership with both job seekers and would be employers.The team of professionals'consultants is committed to prompt and quality staffing service in the conduct of daily operation, it is committed to a reliable source of professionals and skilled workers in various sectors. Customer satisfaction will be the benchmark of its success.


The company's vision is to maintain the commitment as reliable source of professionals and skilled workers, and provide prompt services to its clientele. lt has also focused its vision toward tapping emerging business opportunities and diversifying its market vis-a-vis continuous pooling of applicants. Emerged as a necessity for many companies and has become a dignified business venture. They act as a pivotal role the success of personnel search. While some companies still maintain in-house staffing division, most turn to professional staffing agencies for assistance to avoid the unnecessary time and money invested in pre-employment process. An increasing number of companies believe that personnel search is best handled by executive search bureaus and staffing agencies experienced in this field.


PACIFIC E-LINKS INTERNATIONAL RECRUITMENT CORPORATION undertakes its applicants pooling through various avenues. Aside from investing on advertisements through the media and internet, the staffing coordinators and utilize campus recruitment, job fairs, and head hunting in professional association to source qualified also has a data base file of professionals in various fields such as accountants, financial analyst engineers, computer programmers, registered nurses, medical technologist, physical therapist, rig crews and many others.


Recognizing the importance of thorough pre-employment process, PACIFIC E-LINKS is methodical in its pursuit of the right candidate for each job openings. Aptitude testing, technical interviews and evaluation of applicant's skills and experienced are conducted. A computerize testing package is administered to further determine the skills of every candidate. References checked to ascertain the applicant's background and previous work record.


Based on the applicant's qualifications and experience,PACIFIC E-LINKS conducts job search to find Job Orders which match and fit companies' requirements.Initially, the resumes of qualified applicants for the position are sent to the would-be-employers. The interested company will then make a selection of the applicants to be granted interviews, which are conducted personally or through the telephone. Prior to the referral, it is understandable that the applicants referred by the company were already screened and reference checked by the agency thus relieving the would-be-employer of unnecessary burden of checking on the skills and background of the applicants.

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