Pacific Elinks aimed at providing total satisfaction to both its client companies and job seekers alike...
Our Vision

Maintain the commitment as reliable source of professionals and skilled workers, and provide prompt services to its clientele.


Placement Services

Temporary Placement

Client companies will be able to get additional personnel without affecting the official manpower plantilla as well as compensation and other employee benefits. PACIFIC ELINKS will assume responsibility for the employee's compensation, fringe benefits, payroll taxes and hiring.

Temp-To-Perm Placement

PACIFIC E-LINKS can help client companies to narrow down their search for the perfect staff with the temp-to-perm placement service. After 180 days of evaluating the performance of the temp, the client has the option to hire the temp to a permanent basis.

PACIFIC E-LINKS offers an alternative staffing solution to clients companies who want to avoid the tedious process of pre-employment activities. The permanent placement services can relieve client companies the unnecessary time and money invested in hiring personnel such as cost of advertisement, testing cost, and time spent on interviewing unqualified applicants.

Contract/Project Based Placement

This type of placement can provide client companies with greater flexibility by employing the candidate applicants for a specified project on a specified period of time. PACIFIC ELINKS offers prompt assistance to clients in finding highly qualified candidate applicants for specific projects or time bounded work assignments.

Review and Training Programs

Extensive Review and Training Programs - In partnership with reputable review and training centers, PACIFIC ELINKS offers comprehensive review programs for healthcare professionals and other technical positions prior deployment to healthcare in the USA, UK, Ireland and Libya. Through our partnership with several review centers, we ensure on-time placement of applicants through constant monitoring and specialized diagnostic testing and assessment, not to mention the personalized review approach by well known clinical and language reviewers and instructors.

Healthcare Placement

The Philippines has always been a reliable source of highly qualified healthcare professionals, particularly registered nurses, therapists, pharmacists,etc. Over the last ten years, the Philippines has successfully deployed thousands of qualified healthcare professionals to the USA, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East. PACIFIC ELINKS is one of an elite group of Philippine licensed agencies which offers professionalized healthcare staffing services. We employ healthcare practitioners who are in-charge of ascertaining the technical qualifications of our candidates. We have in our TEAM experienced documentation specialists who ensure the on-time deployment of candidates. Some of the salient aspects of our healthcare staffing services are:

  1. Sourcing, pre-screening, skills assessment and short-listing of candidates
  2. Transmittal of resumes of short-listed candidates, together with the scanned copies of credentials
  3. Assisting candidates in the review needs, in partnership with accredited review centers
  4. Coordinating final selection with client, through telephone, videophone or personal interviews
  5. Assisting in salary and contact negotiations with selected candidates
  6. Collection, collation, verification and submission of documents and credentialling requirements from selected candidates
  7. Monitoring the review programs, examination filing, examination taking and retrieval of test results of candidates
  8. Continuous database pooling to ensure constant availability of candidates anytime, for client selection
  9. Processing of clients' accreditation with the POEA upon submission of verified documents
  10. Processing of POEA exit clearances of departing candidates
  11. Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar
  12. Final flight booking for international travel

Every recruitment campaign that we undertake for any of our international clients are designed to meet and fulfill the specific demands of our clients. All candidates that we present for client selection are pre-qualified to ensure that they meet not only the skills and experience requirements of the hiring company. We present candidates of varying deployment timeline. In coordination with the hiring company, we map out a recruiting and deployment timeline that would ensure that we meet not only the short-term, immediate needs of our clients, but also their long-term needs in years to come. We take a look at every opportunity to serve our clients' needs as long-term business partnership, not a one-stop-gap measure campaign.

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